Putting it all together!

– Highlights –

“Beauty and the Beast” cast members exploring the theatre!
Photo Credit: Paloma Parker

“The highlight of my day yesterday was exploring the theater and getting used to the new space.  I really enjoyed seeing the stage and set with friends.  Seeing everything  (lights, props, set, costumes…) come together is very rewarding, and very exciting.

Tech students building Maurice’s contraption in class.

“The highlight of tech class has been the amount of interactive work we’ve been doing. I was never bored. We were always building, and learning. So ultimately doing the work and helping out has been the best part!”

– Challenges –

Our beautiful theatre space for the run of “Beauty and the Beast”!
Photo Credit: Paloma Parker

“The most challenging part of the day was probably filling the space both verbally and physically.  It is a larger, grander space than what we are used to, so we have to adjust and make everything we do a little bigger… and a little louder.”

Our Tech Crew still smiling after a long week in the theatre!
Photo Credit: Kyong Parker

“The most challenging part of tech class has been how long we have class for. They are long and hard days. Even though they’re long they are fun!”  

– Looking Ahead –

All details of this show require lots of work. Everyone that’s a part of it has been stretched!
Photo Credit: Paloma Parker

“I am really looking forward to putting on this show.  The cast, crew, and creative team have been working hard to put on the best show that we can, and I believe it is going to be great.  I personally have been challenged to step out of my comfort zone, and I pray that we will reap the rewards of our work come this weekend.”

Tech Crew, cast & parents all hard at work painting the set!

“Since it’s tech week, I’m looking forward to practicing run crew and painting for the rest of the week. It should be really fun!”

– Prayer Request –

This cast has become a team that strives to help each other give their best!
Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“I pray that we would all stay very healthy!  I pray also that we would have high energy, and drive from the very first note of the opening all through the last chord in the show.  I pray we would work together and feed off of each others energy, and that we would be very much in the moment, not afraid of what we look like or sound like, but that we would really deeply feel our character in our gut.  I pray that people coming to the show would see that we work for God, and that we would glorify Him through our performance on and off the stage.”


“Christian Youth Theater (CYT) started in 1981 in San Diego and has grown to become one of the largest youth theaters in the nation. CYT is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values.