Perfecting the picture!

– Highlights –

Our cast repeatedly runs through choreography to make it precise!
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“The highlight of my day at CYT was when we rehearsed “Be Our Guest”. It’s a very complex number, so any cast who can pull it off is impressive to me. But this incredibly talented group isn’t just pulling it off; so far, the performance has been beautiful and SO exciting! I can’t wait for everyone to experience the final product.”

Sneak peak at stacks of colorful costumes for our Villagers!
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“The highlight for me from last week’s rehearsal was being able to see and try on both of my costumes for the show! It really makes it start to come alive when I see all the costumes and can picture the many beautiful, colorful costumes filling up the stage and helping each character come alive.”

– Challenges –

There are lots of fun, fast-paced dance moves in “Gaston”!

“One of the biggest challenges for me, has been learning the choreography of “Gaston”. It’s quite fast-paced, so we have very little time to think about each move before continuing onto the next one. However, I notice significant improvements every week, so I have no doubt that it’ll quickly become one of our best songs.”

At rehearsal in NJ cast members sing along while running choreography.
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“The most challenging part of rehearsal is having to be able to sing clearly and project while dancing at the same time! I have often performed as a dancer on stage and a singer in a group but this is my first time doing both simultaneously. I am loving it!”

– Looking Ahead –

Cast bonding!
  Photo Credit: Paloma Parker

“I’m so excited to see my fellow cast members; they’ve been such a joy to work with and I feel really lucky to get to interact with them every week. We’re only a few weeks in, but a strong bond has already developed throughout the whole cast!”

The cast enjoying every minute of the rehearsal process together!
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“This week – I am looking forward to fellowshipping with other kids who enjoy performing arts as I do and am eager to learn new choreography and songs.”

– Service Spotlight –

Cast members of all ages collaborate in rehearsals!
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“One of the dancers in the show has been amazing at graciously going through the choreography with anyone struggling to remember it. I’m so grateful for her!”

– Prayer Request –

CYT creative team members pray with the cast at the start of rehearsal.
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

“My prayer request for this entire season is that we will focus during rehearsals, be aware and learn quickly, and most of all, that we will glorify the Lord with ALL we do!”

– Cast Testimonial –

There is never a shortage of mid-rehearsal laughter when the CYT family is together!

“This is my first time being involved with CYT, so at first I was not sure what to expect. I love musicals but have never been in one outside of school. I thought that not being in CYT’s past musicals might have been a downside. However, it turns out that even though I didn’t know these people from before, they were so friendly and nice and they gladly welcomed me into the CYT community. I am very happy that I am part of this musical and that I have created amazing friendships through it!


Christian Youth Theater (CYT) started in 1981 in San Diego and has grown to become one of the largest youth theaters in the nation. CYT is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values.



2 thoughts on “Perfecting the picture!

  1. We are so excited to see all of the kids perform their very best in the show! We are praying for everyone to stay healthy and focused during rehearsals and performances. Our family loves CYT and the great staff that bring out the best in each child. May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!

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    1. Prayers answered! Thank you for the kind words and all your invaluable support during the show process! Couldn’t be more proud of the kids and all their hard work and grateful for all our dedicated parents!


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