Annie was a huge success! Thank you to all our audience members who came out to enjoy the show. Here are some fun highlights from Tech Week to help with the post show blues! Production photos coming soon!

What are some highlights from Tech Week?

“Spending more time with everyone…”


“Gradually putting more and more elements into the show and seeing it all come together.”

“Everybody was able to work together and communicate effectively for a smooth and effective tech process.”


“Just being able to stage things on a real theatrical stage with all the lights and everything.”


“Being able to do the run through with costumes and makeup and lights. It’s exciting to do the show and rehearsing in front of the costume moms and people really helps.”

“Seeing my friends every day.”


What encouraging things happened during Tech Week?

“People are really encouraging. If you make a mistake, the teachers really help you out.”

“People are really good about communicating what is happening.”

“People have been really welcoming of the tech crew and have really embraced them.”

Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel

“When we were incorporating a new thing, the others…were really encouraging to each other about how well they were doing and learning it.”


What were some prayers requests from Tech Week? (all answered!) 

“That the shows will all go smoothly, and even if they don’t, that we will trust God and be able to just pick up and go on.”

“That the people who are nervous will be able to calm down and have fun!”


“That we all have fun and make the best of being together with everybody.”


“That everyone has energy for all the shows.”

“That everything goes well and everyone has a fun time.”


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