16 Going On 17: How We Grow

With over half of the rehearsal process complete, we checked in with the students to see how they feel they’ve grown throughout the first several weeks!

“TbT helped me grow in my personal character and my acting skills, and has always taught me to go out and do it to the best of my ability.”

“I have learned that it’s okay to be outside of your comfort zone; everyone is at some point!”

“TbT has helped me grow my teamwork skills.”

“My growth so far has definitely been music-wise. The music of the Abbey is so incredibly beautiful and uplifting that it forces you to rise to the occasion. This stuff can’t be done halfway.”

Photo Credit: Elise LoSardo

“I hope to grow in my knowledge of harmony so I can help the nuns choir soar even higher.”


Photo Credit: Connor Kopko

“TbT has helped me to grow more responsible.”

“I learned how to have and use more patience.”

Photo Credit: Elise LoSardo

Get ready to go on an incredible journey with this cast!!!

TbT shows include raffles, themed concessions and souvenirs all designed to create a memorable and family-friendly experience!

Want to bring a group to the show? Discount tickets are available for groups of 12 or more. Call 646-490-0654 or email info@tbtnyc.org

Visit us directly at tbtnyc.org or click the “Buy Tickets!” link at the top of the page to reserve your seats. We all hope to see you there!


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