Beginning the Journey!

– Highlight –

Friends from NJ & NYC reunited at rehearsal #1

The highlight of not only the day, but of the whole week, was seeing all of my friends in NYC. I live in New Jersey, so I haven’t seen any of them since last June when CYT NYC’s production of Willy Wonka ended. In fact, there was one kid who I haven’t seen in three years, but we were reunited at rehearsal on Saturday and it was pretty cool! 

– Challenge –

Beauty and the Beast Dance Auditions

The most challenging part of the audition process was keeping focus. As someone auditioning, an important thing to keep in mind is that you’re not just auditioning for a role in the musical. When you audition, you’re auditioning for a role in leadership. Anything and everything that you say and do are being watched by those casting the show. Keeping quiet has always been a challenge for me, but for CYT auditions, you have to remember that you’re always being watched, and not just for your talent in singing, acting, or dancing.

– Looking Ahead –

Cast & Crew of last year’s production of Willy Wonka

The thing I’m most looking forward to in upcoming rehearsals is seeing all of my NYC friends yet again. It’s just incredible to me that so many people from different locations can all come together in one spot to make something as fantastic as a show. It’s gonna be great!

– Prayer Request –

I pray that the cast can have enough energy to fill up the stage, but have enough self-control that the staff involved doesn’t ever feel overwhelmed. I also pray that everyone involved in this production (cast, crew, staff, parents, etc.) remembers that they are a vital part of the production.

Keeping this in mind, I also pray that everyone remembers that all of this is possible, thanks to God, and that we would continue to praise Him for every member of our team, no matter how little their “role” may seem.

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) started in 1981 in San Diego and has grown to become one of the largest youth theaters in the nation. CYT is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values.


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