Getting to work!

– Highlights –

sillygirls point.JPG
Silly Girls learning their choreography.

“The highlight of rehearsal this week was definitely working on “Gaston”. My fellow Silly Girls, Gaston, and Lefou and I worked with Ms. Shelley as we began to choreograph the number and explore our characters more. The song is so energetic and upbeat and is going to be so fun to perform on stage!” 

Cast members hard at work during their 1st day of “Gaston” choreography.

 “The highlight of the day was when we ran “Gaston”. Everybody was so focused and attentive and we truly had a blast. All the cast members approached the material with such poise and quickly memorized the lines!! (Go CYT!!!)”

– Challenges –

Learning music takes time, but nailing it feels great!

“The most challenging part of the day was probably learning all the harmonies. The full-cast songs in this musical have so much depth and complexity to them which will sound phenomenal on stage, but can be very challenging to learn in the mean time.”

Aurora arrive.JPG
The fun begins at CYT once you walk through the door! It’s hard to leave!

“The most challenging part of the day was leaving rehearsal. It is truly an honor to be working on an outstanding Disney classic alongside such talented and graceful performers. It’s awesome!”

– Looking Ahead –

Working on the “text” with Ms. Corrie to develop fun characters!

“The thing I am looking forward to most for rehearsals next week is continuing to explore and develop my character more. The Silly Girls are so flirty and fun and I am really enjoying developing my own character.” 

Gaston is getting into character during rehearsal!

“I am most looking forward to continuing to learn and run the show. It’s great to discover new ways to make my character even more arrogant and egotistical. I can’t wait to run the last part of the show when I fight the Beast! (He wins though.)”

– Service Spotlight –

“My cast mates are so caring. At CYT rehearsal you get the vibe that it is such a strong community and we’re not just here to portray our characters. We are always having a blast and it is truly amazing!”


– Prayer Request –

“My prayer for the Beauty and The Beast cast members is that we will all grow closer to God and to each other in this process. The opportunity we have as kids and teenagers to come together and perform under His name is truly remarkable. I pray that each cast member will receive a new revelation of God’s grace and goodness and form unbreakable, godly friendships in every part of this process.”



Christian Youth Theater (CYT) started in 1981 in San Diego and has grown to become one of the largest youth theaters in the nation. CYT is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values.


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