The full cast meets!

– Highlights –

Full Beauty and the Beast Cast – jazz hands!
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

The highlight of the day for me, was being able to see all of my friends. It was the first full cast rehearsal and I had so much fun getting to meet some of the cast members from NYC and to continue to grow my friendships with the NJ cast members. I also loved seeing everything come together. We have so much of a show already!”

A busy town in motion around Belle in the opening number.
  Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

    “The highlight of the day was blocking the opening number Belle.  It was really quite exciting coming up with my own movements and interactions with different characters.  If things weren’t particularly working out correctly, the teachers would help us.  It all flowed so smoothly.”


– Challenges –

Cast members of all ages interacting at rehearsal.
Photo Credit: ©karenlaudesigns

The most challenging part of the day was remembering that I am one of the role models. As much as I want to chat and have fun with my friends, I have to remember that we are having rehearsal and that the younger kids are watching my actions when everyone is given directions.”

Lumiere invites Belle to “Be our Guest”!

“The most challenging part of the day was memorizing the Be Our Guest choreography.  There was one part that tripped all of the “flatware” up, but after reviewing it several times, we finally caught on! ” 

– Looking Ahead –

Cast members from NJ & NYC getting to know one another!

“I am so excited to learn more choreography and staging and music! Costume fittings are coming up and I am super-duper excited for that too. Of course, I am also excited to see my friends again.”

Dancers hard at work learning choreography.

“I am most looking forward to learning new choreography for Be Our Guest!”

– Service Spotlight –


“I’ve seen a substantial amount of hugs and helping.  It warms the soul to see individuals edifying, complimenting, and just enjoying the company of one another.”

– Prayer Request –


“It would be great for all of us to pray for cooperation during rehearsals. It is so much fun that we sometimes want to talk with our friends instead of paying attention. We want this to be a great show!”

Christian Youth Theater (CYT) started in 1981 in San Diego and has grown to become one of the largest youth theaters in the nation. CYT is dedicated to developing character in children and adults through training in the arts and by producing wholesome family entertainment, all of which reflect Judeo-Christian values.


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